D7 Reader for Android is one of the fastest and most easily customized RSS Readers on the market. It works for both the Le Pan TC970 & TC979, so all Le Pan tablet owners can enjoy it! You can use this application to subscribe to RSS feeds from any website that has one, including Le Pan Life! Many newspapers (national & local), as well as blogs have an RSS feed. Best part? D7 works for listening to podcasts as well! Check out some screen shots and more features after the jump!

Key features for D7 include:

  • Much faster than official Google Reader app
  • No Lags what so ever
  • Google username/password is NOT required
  • Multiple account support; switch between accounts on the fly
  • Utilizes low network traffic
  • Podcast support (download/play)
  • Add new subscription directly from the browser
  • Search for articles (powered by Google)
  • Feed discovery and subscription
  • Recommended articles from Google
  • Theme support (dark/light)
  • (Social) Sharing support (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Read It Later, SMS and more)

So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot! The free version is more than enough to satisfy your reading needs & if you want to go ‘ad-free’ and gain a few more features, a paid version is also available!


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  1. yann2 says:

    Very nice article, dbaybay – you describe the features of the program well, and it’s clear you are in love with it. :)

    A good thing, I like to find and support well written, feature-rich software too. Thanks for the nice review, I got to check it out.