Remember the glory days of Unix? Some people still readily use it. And while Windows XP is a bit outdated itself, it’s pretty awesome that our Le Pan tablets can handle these operating systems and display them in a usable fashion with little lag. Why would you want to do this? No particular reason but to show off your Le Pan tablet to your friends and family and say “hahaha, show me your iPad doing this” :P

This tutorial is written for the Le Pan 2 (TC979). While I’m fairly positive UNIX will run just fine on the Le Pan 1 (TC970), I do not believe there is enough memory for the Le Pan 1 users. If someone tries this out, please let me know your results and I will update the tutorial!

Full tutorial after the jump!

First, let’s get started by downloading the files you’ll need to run UNIX or Windows XP on your tablet. In order to get either OS running, you will need to download BOCHs (v2.5.1.) and install the application on your device. Next, you’ll either need the or that I have packaged together for your use (please note – the Windows files are not hosted on Le Pan Life as Microsoft has some sticky copyright rules about using their proprietary OS files).

Once you have installed the BOCHs application and downloaded the necessary files for the OS of your choosing, unzip the OS folder and copy the “SDL” folder to the root of your SD Card (i.e. sdcard/SDL). This should contain four files, BIOS-bochs-latest, bochsrc, c.img and VGABIOS-lgpl-latest. Your ready to go!

Load up the Bochs application from your app drawer and it will start loading up the OS of your choice. In this case, we are showing off Windows. On the Le Pan II this process takes about 5 minutes to get booted into the XP atmosphere, on the Le Pan I (if it works) it will probably take much longer. FreeBSD took about 10 minutes to install on the Le Pan II, but had absolutely no lag because it requires very little memory.

You did it! You are running Windows XP on top of your Honeycomb OS on the Le Pan II. Congrats! Here are some common commands that you should be aware of:

  • Use your touchscreen to move the mouse around and hover over what you want to select.
  • Use your volume up key to left-click on an object, tap volume up twice to double click.
  • Use your volume down key to right-click on an object.
  • Tap in the lower left corner of the emulator (start button using XP) to launch your soft-keyboard.
  • Tap in the upper left corner of the emulator (my computer using XP) to initiate the “tab” button.
  • Shortkeys: Back button = Backspace and Menu button = Enter.

Now you’ve got Windows XP running on your tablet. The version that I’ve included is a completely stripped down version with no programs or anything pre-installed (for the purpose of this demonstration). However with modifications to your bochsrc.txt file, you can use “img” or “iso” files from nearly any x86 Operating System. From others experience, Windows 95 and 98 run with very little lag, so this may be the best bet for you Le Pan 1 users. Not every img/iso of an OS is guaranteed to work, but I personally have managed to get Debian, FreeBSD, Redhat and Windows XP loaded up on the Le Pan II. !

Nifty tidbit? Progress is being made for the .ISO’s to run using Bachs. If this works, that would mean that Le Pan I users could use the Gingerbread, Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich ISO’s and run those OS’s on top of Froyo! No one has managed to get it working yet, but I’ll continue to try new releases from Android x86 and keep an eye on threads regarding this matter!

Finally, all credit for Bochs & this fun little discovery belongs to . He sure is a smart guy!

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  1. Jason says:

    Do you think the kindle app for pc would run in this? My college text book will only run on the ipad, pc, and mac kindle apps and I was hoping to use a le pan 2 as a text book reader.

    • admin says:

      Yes, the Kindle App work great on the Le Pan 1 and 2. I’ve used it on both devices quite regularly. You can download it from the Android Market and sync your books from your Kindle Library – .