Wow. Wow. Wow.

Where do I even get started? New CyanogenMod Beta? New MIUI Pre-Alpha Port? Those are fun and dandy, but the big show-stopping news is that the Le Pan II TC979 has finally been rooted! Thanks to ¬†we now have a root method for the LP2. It requires Linux at the moment, but is completely safe and stable, and I have to say, it feels really good to have been patient #0 and the first person in the world to spit on Le Pan and say “hahaha, I’m rooted”!

JCase has posted a full guide to getting the LP2 rooted on the forums.

I have also started a MIUI porting project which is starting to gain some traction. Since I no longer have a Le Pan TC970, Yann2, our resident moderator is testing the builds for me. I decided to release the “Pre-Alpha” build I’ve got going, which has MIUI booting, Wifi working & SD Mounting properly, but there are still quite a few things missing (hence the pre-). However if you’d like to give it a try, you can check out the forum thread over here for the full ROM.

Finally, CM7 has received another release from Cas_XP for the Le Pan TC970. The only remaining bugs with this latest build are the camera & GPS not working and wifi being funky (MAC Address for everyone who installs is the same =O). These will hopefully be fixed in future builds.

Tomorrow today (at a reasonable time and not 3AM in the morning), I plan to write up a more detailed post about each of these hot items, with instructions on all three. But for those late night and early morning Le Pan’ians, this is your morning news and I hope you enjoy the development of these two tabs as I have.


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