Well, it’s been a long day coming – but the Le Pan II (TC979) is now a free’d device, much like the TC970 before it, thanks to. Many people have been trying to do this (myself included) for a while now, but we all looked over a very simple command in Fastboot, which allows you to boot a modified .img with root intact. Everyone give a huge round of applause to JCase for helping out the community with our biggest problem yet!

Instructions after the jump!


Not my fault if you break your device, don’t ask me for help. Your fault if you use this, not mine.

So a while back image and dbaybay (seperately and about on the same day, ironic) asked me to look at this tablet, i put in a hour or so then got busy and forgot.

dbaybay hit me up today and asked me to give it another go.

Well, upon inspection I found the Le Pan 2 to be unlocked, just using a non standard device id for fastboot. I packed a boot image that we can use to get root with, I recommend it only be booted and not flashed, as it won’t match all firmware, so somethings may not work while using it. However the end result is a safe, stable and easy root.

Let start, we did this on linux but it should work fine on OS X and on windows if your install the correct drivers. I do not know how to use windows, so someone else can help on that. Don’t ask me, because I honestly have no clue how to use windows (seriously please don’t ask me, I just feel dumb when people do)

le boot image:

le su

(Mod Edit: Windows users will need  version of fastboot for this to work. Download the zip file, extract the folder, and copy fastboot.exe to C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools\

(Run this all as root on linux/osx, so do sudo -s first)

adb reboot bootloader

(lets wait until the screen is showing fastboot mode)

fastboot -i 0x16d5 boot leboot.img

(lets wait for android to boot)

adb remount
adb push su /system/xbin/su
adb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su
adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su

(we need to reboot because leboot.img might be wonky)

adb reboot

Then install superuser from the market and enjoy. This does not unsecure your boot image, as I didn’t want to do that until a recovery was made. So yes, you have to type su to get root. Not a big deal.

I am not asking for, nor pressuring for the bounty, as the device was technically unlocked, no one had just figured out how to use it. If you do feel inclined to donate, by all means I will put it to a very good cause.

Paypal can be done by  

or sending to jcase@cunninglogic.com

or  numbers are welcome too Tongue Diapers are expensive

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