What an exciting two days it has been in Le Pan Land. Strictly because of . Every member and user of the Le Pan II should be severely thankful of the work JCase has put into a device he does not even have. He has been a huge blessing for our community and has opened up the ability for us to have root access and now flash custom ROMs! Look for some ROM development to start beginning on the Le Pan II shortly. I’m working on a stock, de-bloated & pre-rooted ROM first, so hopefully that will be up in the next day or two. But in the meantime, let’s get on to the goodies!

Instructions on flashing the ClockWorkMod Recovery to the Le Pan II after the jump!

This is an at your own risk type of deal. Don’t blame me if something bad happens!



Current issues:
Backup hangs (see workaround) ~utkanos

The backup hang is a bug in the current CWR source, instead of patching it I am leaving it to koush. To work around it, run these commands from adb (only needs to be done once, or after wiping the sdcard)

adb shell mkdir /sdcard/clockworkmod/
adb shell echo “1″ > /sdcard/clockworkmod/.hidenandroidprogress

A lot like rooting

adb reboot bootloader

(wait for fastboot screen)

fastboot -i 0x16d5 flash recovery recovery_build3.img
fastboot -i 0x16d5 reboot

To boot to recovery either use adb reboot recovery or power off the device, and power it back on while holding volume down and power!


Donations are not mandatory nor expected but if you care to:

Paypal can be done by  or sending to jcase@cunninglogic.com
Or amazon gift card numbers are welcome too Diapers are expensive! Or to a worthwhile charity of your choice.

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