While the picture above may look like a TC970, or the original Le Pan, I can assure you it is not. It is the ever-mysterious Le Pan III that was announced at C.E.S. 2012 and it has made its way to the FCC. Usually when a product makes it to the FCC, it doesn’t take much time afterwards for it to be released to consumers. Considering the Le Pan TC979 (or II) just dropped a few months ago, things are moving along far to quickly at Le Pan. They can’t even keep up with the demand for the Le Pan II, nor have they followed through on the “promised” Ice Cream Sandwich update. They claim that Google hasn’t released the source code for ICS to them yet, but somehow their Le Pan III is already *PICTURED* running the OS.

Lie, after lie. Down the rabbit hole we go with Matsunichi / Le Pan.

The back-facing camera that has been added to the case look as follows:

To me it looks as though they have taken all of the returned cases for the Le Pan TC970, made a new back-piece which has room for the camera and re-used their old cases. WHY ON EARTH would they go back to the four hard buttons when ICS has on-screen keys for tablets AND phones. ICS was the OS to do away with on-screen keys.

Anyways, take a gander at all of the previously reported tech-specs and several more photos of the internal/externals of the device .



Thanks to JCase & for spotting this.

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  1. Beelzebub says:

    They are moving a bit fast – there are some kinks to work out in I & II … good for them tho.

  2. peter walker says:

    Hi yes i would like to know when the lepan 3 will come out as i had the 1 and the 2 and both times i had problems so ended up with a refund and didnt bother to buy so now im reading up on whats happening with the 2 and there is talk about 3 coming out so i would like to wait for it so can you tell me when i can buy it if possible soon, thanks peter

    • admin says:

      The exact date is not known yet Peter, but there are rumors of a May launch. Le Pan stated at their press conference that it would be during the summer of 2012.

  3. peter says:

    Thankyou for your reply you say they have taken and use the old case to insert the new le pan 3 isnt that being a bit cheap by going back and useing it as the new Le pan 3 if thats the case lets hope they have got rid of all the problems they had with both the 1 and 2 i mean i do love them both bcoz they are so neat for the price you pay for them compare to the pads and others lets just hope its sooner rather than later as im getting itchy fingers to buy the ii again and hope but im willing to wait a while longer, Please keep me posted on up dates on the Le pan iii if you would thank you peter

  4. peter says:

    Hello again sorry after all the talk i forgot to ask you you must have played with the new Le Pan 3 how do you rate it against the other 1& 2 and what up grades does it have apart from the cameras ive read about am i waiting on a brand new model or just an up dated version of the other 2 le pans please tell me if i should go with the le pan 2 or hold out for the le pan 3 i wait your reply on your out come thank you peter,

    • admin says:

      I haven’t played with an LP3 yet, however the specs are no better than the LP2 in all honesty. It’s got a 1.5GHz instead of 1.2GHz, which really isn’t that noticeable. It’s also got the camera on the back, but that is of no use to me as it’s only 5MP and I have a 10MP camera on my phone. Don’t want to be holding a giant 10″ tablet while trying to take a picture :/

      Besides those two things, it’s nearly identical. Except for the fact that it’ll ship with ICS on it. If they stick to their word though, the LP2 will get ICS as well. I personally feel the LP2 is quite sufficient and the LP3 is a minor update to it.

  5. peter waker says:

    Hi again well its been a while since we last talked about the le pan 3 and im still waiting to see it so what is the the latest on the le pan3 and price if any and shell i hold out or go back to buying the le pan 2 and have done with it or would you think they will drop the price of the 2 when the 3 comes on the market and wait it out but for how much longer thanks peter.