Looks like another great addition to the Play Store coming real soon! Paramount added 500 movies to the Play Store at the beginning of the month – so things are definitely heating up there. Chat about your favorite movies on our forum thread covering this announcement.

Here is the direct quote from the announcement:

If there’s one consistent opening image moviegoers around the world know and equate with great cinema, it’s Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s  (a clip that has over 1 million views on YouTube). For nearly 90 years, MGM has brought some of the best and most memorable films to the silver screen. Today, through a new partnership with MGM, we’ve started adding more than 600 titles for rent to YouTube and Google Play users in the U.S. and Canada. MGM joins five of the six major studios and over ten independent movie studios, currently offering movies for rent on YouTube and Google Play.

According to a recent , online movie watching in the U.S. will double this year and will make up the majority of people’s home entertainment viewing. Thanks to MGM, you’ll be able to join in this trend and grab its movies online and on the go. From timeless love stories like  and , to sci-fi action films like  and , to modern classics like Rain Man and , you can now rediscover MGM’s moviemaking magic on Google Play and YouTube.

Thanks to our new partnership, you can now discover, share and watch MGM’s classic films on YouTube and Google Play. And keep checking back as more MGM titles will be added in the weeks ahead.

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