Thanks once again to our correspondent JohnA2U from our forums, we have received word from an insider at Le Pan (rather Matsunichi’s HQ in China) that the Le Pan II’s HDMI cable is nearing completion. A prototype was sent to John (pictured above) and the cable should hopefully be released sometime in May.

Here is the direct quote from the insider:

“We are working on 30Pin to HDMI cable all the time, it will be available in May (not so sure). Working on 30 Pin to HDMI adapter cable is very complicated. 1) We have to apply the license of HDMI. 2) Tooling, this takes us couple months. 3) Electrical performance. Anyway, our engineers are working on this cable, please see in the attachment, the HDMI cable. We have realized that no cache cables/ adapters troubled our customers, so extra cable/ adapter have been shipped to US. (30 pin sync/charge not HDMI sorry)”

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  1. jasmine says:

    Please, let me know when this product comes out in market and how much is it.