Thanks once again to our correspondent JohnA2U from our forums, we have received word from an insider at Le Pan (rather Matsunichi’s HQ in China) that the Le Pan II has been spotted in the wild running the coveted Ice Cream Sandwich! Right now, it is in the testing stage & is slated to be released from Le Pan towards the end of May. Here’s the direct quote from the [...]

Thanks once again to our correspondent JohnA2U from our forums, we have received word from an insider at Le Pan (rather Matsunichi’s HQ in China) that the Le Pan II’s HDMI cable is nearing completion. A prototype was sent to John (pictured above) and the cable should hopefully be released sometime in May. Here is the direct quote from the insider: “We are working on 30Pin to HDMI cable all [...]

Thanks once again to our correspondent JohnA2U from our forums, a lot of information has been shed about Le Pan from an insider he has been in communications with. In his interview, they discussed: The Le Pan TC970 firmware and it’s absence from the official Le Pan site Why the Le Pan’s are never stocked properly at vendors such as Amazon If the Le Pan III will have hard keys [...]

Huge thanks to JohnA2U from the Le Pan Life Forums for writing this guide! So you are ready to make the jump to the latest “official” Le Pan firmware, version 118, but don’t want to fiddle around with your computer to do it? Follow the simple directions below to download the update and complete the process from only your tablet! From your tablet go to: This will begin the download [...]

Four months after the Le Pan II was released, we are finally seeing an official firmware upgrade – no, no – it isn’t Ice Cream Sandwich, but rather a bugfix upgrade to Honeycomb. It addresses some of the Wifi & Bluetooth stability issues that plagued users running the earlier versions of stock Honeycomb. While there is no definitive change log, you can read the full press release from their website [...]

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Looks like another great addition to the Play Store coming real soon! Paramount added 500 movies to the Play Store at the beginning of the month – so things are definitely heating up there. Chat about your favorite movies on our forum thread covering this announcement. Here is the direct quote from the announcement: If there’s one consistent opening image moviegoers around the world know and equate with great cinema, [...]

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If you’re into politics and comedy, this news will excite you. For many, many months I’ve been waiting for a dedicated Daily Show app – and now we finally have one! While it does not have full episodes yet (which can be watched on Dolphin Browser via, on any device), it does have clips from the show and give you a reminder when it’s showtime every weeknight. It’s not [...]

Dolphin Browser HD received an update to version 8.0 in the Google Play Store today, enhancing the way users interact with the popular third-party web browser. Sticking with the gesture concept, the folks at Dolphin have redesigned the method of non-text input. The focus has been shifted to the new voice-based Sonar feature introduced in previous versions of Dolphin Browser HD, combining the two into a simple interface and setting [...]

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Next Issue Media, a joint venture between Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp, and Time Inc., has formally unveiled its Android tablet newsstand, which has been referred to as “Hulu for magazines.” The venture will include 32 titles, including Better Homes and Gardens, ELLE, Esquire, Fortune, Glamour, Parents, People, Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, Time, and Vanity Fair. The lineup is expected to expand later this year, though the group stressed that [...]

(^^ Click the above image to open a full-size HQ wallpaper version of the new logo) CyanogenMod Team has announced today their new logo for the CM7/9 brands! Here’s a quote from the head of the team: “Some of you may also be familiar with the concept of the “id”, the instinctual driving force behind our personalities. It seemed fitting, that this chaotic force and need for immediate gratification, was [...]