In an interesting turn of events, we’ve learned that Le Pan will be selling accessories directly to its consumers via a new website. It is imperitive to note that this information was leaked to us and the site is not live, nor announced at this point in time. DO NOT attempt to purchase anything from the site at this time!

With that said, it looks like they’ve added some new accessories that they intend to sell – including the long-awaited HDMI Cable for the Le Pan TC979/II. Presumably this HDMI cable will work for the Le Pan III when it finally arrives as well. The cost they have listed is $19.99 plus shipping and if the PayPal button at the bottom of the website is any indication, that is how they will be accepting payments.

At some point, one could most likely assume Le Pan will skip the 3rd party vendors (maybe not altogether, but a majority of them who take high fees for selling their tablets) and sell their line of devices directly to consumers via this new site as well.

- but again I must insist not to attempt to purchase anything at this time. Le Pan Life will report on the new web-store as soon as an official announcement is made and products are ready to be sold!

Don’t forget to drop by our ever-growing forums to discuss the news! Is $19.99 (+ unknown shipping prices) too much for an HDMI cable or is totally worth it to you?

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