Yep, you heard it right. Just a few short hours after the LePan Shop went live, as we reported earlier today, the HDMI Cable has been pulled from the store. The reason being, several users do not have “HDMI Out” as an option in their settings menu after the v116 or v118 OTA updates. Le Pan stated that they will be looking into the software issue and will the cables will go back on sale once this issue is resolved. No time frame was given.

Forum members JohnA2U and Blacky received responses from CSR stating:

– “Actually, we have just encountered this issue, and we are suspending sales of the HDMI cable until further notice. Older versions of the operating system (even when they have been updated) are not able to use the HDMI output, and we are still testing to find out why. Our apologies!”

– “Le Pan pulled the HDMI cable from the store because some older versions of the OS could not run HDMI. I recieved this message from LP support at 2:15 today. They said they are working on the problem and appologized.”

A few members of our forum had the opportunity to order the cable before it was pulled and a shipping notice was sent out to at least one, so hopefully a few people will get the cable and they will work properly.

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