by Yann2, LPL Mod Staff.

We would like to offer a new idea for discussion, open to your participation.

The site’s Front Page has been a bit static lately.

As a Blog, it would really thrive on a stream of new content, added regularly.  However, admin and Mod Staff  have been pulling themselves in many directions lately, and it ends up on the back burner.

For visitors which don’t frequent the forums, the front page is a great way to keep people informed. Maybe even interest them into joining the community, which is best done via Forum participation.

If you are interested in helping out, see details below.

* Guest Postings to LPL Blog ? 

What we would like to do is open the LPL blog to Guest Writers, and give all the great members of this community a chance to create articles for the public at large to enjoy.

* What is required ?

Anyone interested in developing an article that could end up as a Front page post can do it. There’s two ways to do it – the first one is with an open thread in the Forums (discussed below), the other one is more private (and is explained later, ).

For a public, forum-thread submission:

  • You would create a new thread specially for this article, the Original Post in the thread being the proposed Article itself.
  •  Threads will be located in the , one of the most popular Forum areas; everyone checks new posts there.
  •  To make them easy to find, all contributed article threads should have a TAG in their names – ‘[FPC]‘ , which is shorthand for ‘Front Page Candidate‘.
  •  All forum users are welcome to participate in the thread, reply with comments, suggestions, additional data, links, etc, which might enrich your article.
  • Feel free to add, edit your article as needed – do it by updating the Original Post in the thread.
  • Add EDIT notes if you like, helps keep track of changes and dates.
  • Once finished, post a reply in the thread noting that, and the article becomes a ‘Release Candidate’.

Interested, more details? , add comments or ask any questions you need.

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