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The new Le Pan S tablet sold out on Home Shopping Networks one day sale. Per their on screen counter they sold over 6,000 units. That’s a ton of tablets.
I would imagine there are a lot of people waking up, from their TV induced coma, to the loud rap of the UPS man at the door.  Opening it, with remote still in hand, wondering “What have I done?”
Well fear not. The Le Pan S is not your father’s “Pocket Fisherman”. You’re going to love this thing and even if you don’t, it takes up far less room in the drawer than that George Foreman Grill.

If you’re new to Tablets you’ll find it replaces many of the everyday things you use now. Your TV is going to be ignored; newspapers will pile up on the floor. Magazines, books, Cook books, and user manuals even your trusty PC or Laptop will get less use. We’ve even had to institute a new rule at our house: No Googling at the dinner table.

There’s a lot to learn and LePanLife is the best place to start. Enter the Forums and start reading. The answers to most of your questions are already there. All cases and accessories recommended for any model Le Pan should be compatible. Apps and tips for the Le Pan II running ICS should work for you as well.
Missed HSN’s one day sale? Amazon and Best Buy have the Le Pan S available for pre order.

In honor of our newest members here’s one of my favorite songs for your listening pleasure.

Steve Goodmans, Vegematic

Well I gotta go.


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