by Yann2, LPL Mod Staff.

Today I realized something when looking at the Stats for the CyanogenMod 7 Beta for the TC970 (Le Pan 1 tablet) release discussion threads (which I have started and maintained both at and ).

The number of Views for the threads – adding the LPL, plus the AT forum ones, we are over 50 Thousand views.

Snapshots from both forums as of Today, October 2, 2012 :



That’s very nice, a sign they have done what they were originally created for – spreading the word and helping people getting a BETTER Operating System for their Le Pan 1 tablets.

Credit for the CM7 port for LP1 is all to Cas_xp. Chinabull made a huge advance in providing us a port of ClockWorkMod for the LP1, which makes it all possible. And Franco, aka fv+ at XDA Developers started it all, by creating a firmware authentication tool that made it possible to run CWM in the fist place. Thank you so much, gentlemen.

Sharing this with anyone who is interested in getting more from their hardware; you CAN do better than the factory-shipped operating system, there’s work in progress to create BETTER alternatives not only for the Le Pan 1, but also the II, and sometime in the future, maybe the S model.

Besides the Release Discussion stats mentioned above, my CM7 Step-by-Step Installation Guide has got over 20,000 Views (currently 15,106 and 5,759, respectively).

As editor, maintainer, general troubleshooter and cheerleader in these threads, I feel very happy to see them so successful.

Cheers, friends, hope you enjoy your CM7 enhanced LP1.

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