By, npanaro3, (mod staff) Recently, our site has not only taken on a steady influx of members, but we’ve acquired new members, with a new Le Pan product. We are happy to welcome those of you with the new Le Pan S, TC978. As always we want to direct you to the correct place, for the correct information. So we developed a sub-forum specifically for the new Le Pan S. This is typical of each of the Le Pan products. Each tablet has its own sub-forum here on Lepan Life. If you have any questions or information you would like to share about the Le Pan S, please visit the forum .

Along with the new home for the new Le Pan S, we’ve adjusted our furniture, per say, in order to make navigation of our site, a little more simple, to enable you to find or share the information that you desire. When you first enter the forums, you can choose what ever suites your needs. First you have the ,where you can learn about our rules and member bios, or read up on front page articles and experience our new , created by one of our most valued members and moderators, JohnA2u. Here, you can view or post how to videos about your Le Pan tablets. So, not only can you read up on Le Pan info but, now you can view or post short videos about your Le Pans.

Next, you’ll find our forum, There you will find our lounge where you can have general discussions, to tricks and techniques to improve your Le Pan tablets, along with the accessories forum, which was combined, since most cases and other tablet “bling,” fit most models of Le Pan tablets so you can find out about all the latest useful accessories to go with any of the Le Pan tablet models. Within this forum, you will also find the “Dear Le Pan/Matsunichi” thread. Here, whether you love or hate Le Pan, you can post a virtual letter, note or statement, about your feelings towards the company, or its products, for your peers to read. At the very least, it is a great place to vent your frustrations or praise.

If you are looking for Android info in general, check out, , where you can participate in general android news, discussions, to apps and operating systems.

From there you can choose from either one or all of the forums pertaining to the three major Le Pan models. , The , or the original and still, highly coveted, . Which ever forum you choose, just know that there are many informed moderators, contributors, and members here to share and accept info, in a way to quickly get you to a pleasurable place, with your Le Pan tablet. See all the forums …. or discuss this article with us in our, forum.

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