by Yann2, LPL Mod Staff.

Wow, it’s Sunday morning, and time for us to get our weekly Front Page update. What a busy week it has been!

Here in Canada, last weekend was Thanksgiving, and as usual, the four day work-week following the Monday Holiday was busy, seems we have to do 5 days worth of work in 4.

At LePanLife, this turned out to be our Video Week, we have many new things going in that area, so read on and visit the Forum threads linked to find out more about each.

A list of our major discussions and news items?

* LePan TV area launched.

John’s new project, to have a place to host threads highliting good, informative videos got off the ground to a running start. There are already a number of threads, each containing one or more video selected for you. .

 * Flash for Android 4 (ICS or Jellybean) Devices?

While Adobe has given up developing Flash player for the mobile market, and new users are finding it hard to see videos on their brand new tablets without it installed, Fear Not.

We have an EASY guide to show you how to get the Latest version of Flash Player for your ICS or Jellybean device – See  .

* What’s BETTER, Flash or HTML5 for video delivery?

An old discussion in the Forum, I have always been on the HTML5 side; tired of the bugginess of Flash player, never mind the security risks and the constant patching to remedy those new found exploits.

Windows 8 has a new version of Flash, and even before its official Release Date, Adobe had to rush out a patch for serious security issues.

In the new and Improved  , we had a number of new threads and good discussions this week, including :

-  .
-  .

And a couple of good Videos, discussions on LPTV :

-  .
- .

* Improving our Forum’s Embedded Video Player?

A  , we were in search of a way to get HTML5 Video playback working and supported in our Forum posts.

This is necessary for anyone who doesn’t have Flash – all Apple iPad, iPod, iPhone devices, plus the new Le Pan S users. There’s also the possibility of less time-outs, buffering, wait issues if we can avoid the Flash player.

We discovered a way to do it, in fact 3 possible ways to implement HTML5 or Flash play on demand. The best part of all? The user’s device will determine which method is used, it should be working and seamless for everyone.

You can see  .

That’s it for this week, be tuned in for next Weekend News Articles at Forums.

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