by Yann2, LPL Mod Staff.

Finally decided to get a cable before I lose or damage my original one; unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to get a Le Pan specific cable than an Apple generic one.

Original Le Pan cables can be purchased . The price is $3.99, very reasonable.

So, why not get it there? The shipping cost is pretty high, for a small item:


<— For me, to send it to Canada via UPS Standard is $18.58. Ouch, no way.

Shipping to an USA address is $9.98 for a single item. If you have multiple cables in the order, shipping costs are not much more, so joining with some friends for a group buy could be an alternative. [Tried it out - USA shipping for 10 cables is $11.89

Over the past few months we had reports from different people, on how they successfully modified an Apple accessories cable (made for iPod, iPhone or iPad 30 pin connectors) to use in our Le Pan’s similar 30 pin connectors for charging tablet or for USB file transfers.

The Apple designed cables are pin-compatible with the Le Pan for charging and Data transfers. There’s other accessories made for Apple that will NOT work on le Pan tablets, though, as other pins (HDMI video, etc) are not the same.

Main problem of modifying the cable is a mechanical issue – the Le Pans have a metal key in the 30 pin dock connector, to avoid the user inserting the cable backwards. That makes it impossible to insert an Apple-style cable in the le pan, at least as it comes from the factory.


1. You could bend out the metal tab in the tablet. THIS VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY, though, so not recommended.

Photo by nehinbin, originally captioned as :

Red circle indicates where modification has been done. Pliers used to carefully bend the small piece of metal upright (used to be bent in, preventing other chargers from fitting).



2. You could modify the Apple cable connector to allow it to fit the Le Pan connector.

Photo by nehinbin, originally captioned as :

Red circle indicates where modification has been done. Small pieces of plastic has been carefully removed with box cutter.

[ *EDIT : Remove the plastic on BOTH SIDES of the connector for success. Yann2]

Option 2 is the clear choice for most people.

A lot of users report success on modding the cable. Unfortunately, it seems this will NOT always work.

Just yesterday I was trying to modify an Apple branded cable, purchased from a local store.

I found it seems to have a thicker metal part on the connector than the original Le Pan cable.

And I wasn’t able to shave much plastic, to allow it to fit the Le Pan connector. :(

There’s a couple of spring clips on the two sides, for retaining it on the socket, and these didn’t help either.

I will not force the connector in – if there’s ANY damage to the tablet’s connector, you are looking at a hard to repiar issue; most likely a de-solder, get the exact part, resolder; Wouldn’t want to try this myself.

The snapshot is from a product from , not my own cable, but it looks very similar.

, wonder if these would have a thinner connector? Could maybe fit with less modification.

, but prices are high, shipping adding to that.

Any personal experiences with modding a cable? Sources of good stuff? Post and let everyone know. Thank you!

** EDIT : Hot off the Press – thanks to a note John posted in another thread, I found out we need to remove the Plastic from BOTH sides of the connector. My cable will now FIT the Le Pan without stress, and I have tested it copying Data over, CRC matched on the copies. All is well. Thanks JohnA2u.

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