By JohnA2u (LPL Mod Staff)

Following Hells (<–actual member name. It’s fun to use in a sentence) awesome revelation that he had discovered the method for activating USB host mode on Le Pan II Sjg set to work to nail down the nuts and bolts of the actual process.  CamanoKid documented the entire process.

I was lucky enough to get Sjgs first unit and this is one handy cable.

What does USB Host (Also refered to as USB otg) do?
Our  USB host cable has the Le Pan 30 pin connector on one end and Female USB port on the other. USB devices such as flash drives, card readers keyboards and mice can be connected to and run from your LP2. In testing so far the cable works on Le Pan II rooted and stock running ICS or honeycomb.  It does not seem to work on Stock Le Pan TC970 or  Le Pan S.

Many thanks to Hell, Sjg and Camanokid for bringing this cable to life.
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 By Sjg
 By Hell
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