By JohnA2u (LPL Mod Staff) Following Hells (<–actual member name. It’s fun to use in a sentence) awesome revelation that he had discovered the method for activating USB host mode on Le Pan II Sjg set to work to nail down the nuts and bolts of the actual process.  CamanoKid documented the entire process. I was lucky enough to get Sjgs first unit and this is one handy cable. What [...]

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by Yann2, LPL Mod Staff. Today I realized something when looking at the Stats for the CyanogenMod 7 Beta for the TC970 (Le Pan 1 tablet) release discussion threads (which I have started and maintained both at and The number of Views for the threads – adding the LPL, plus the AT forum ones, we are over 50 Thousand views.

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Huge thanks to JohnA2U from the Le Pan Life Forums for writing this guide! So you are ready to make the jump to the latest “official” Le Pan firmware, version 118, but don’t want to fiddle around with your computer to do it? Follow the simple directions below to download the update and complete the process from only your tablet! From your tablet go to: This will begin the download [...]

Thanks to a great member of our forums, jdsmash, we now have a great tutorial on how to fix a broken power button on a Le Pan. It is intended for the TC970, but since the cases are identical minus the hard keys, it should work just fine for a Le Pan TC979 also. You can find the .pdf file here – it contains pictures and a step-by-step guide! Dial-upper’s [...]

What an exciting two days it has been in Le Pan Land. Strictly because of JCase of Cunning Logic. Every member and user of the Le Pan II should be severely thankful of the work JCase has put into a device he does not even have. He has been a huge blessing for our community and has opened up the ability for us to have root access and now flash [...]

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Well, it’s been a long day coming – but the Le Pan II (TC979) is now a free’d device, much like the TC970 before it, thanks to JCase of Cunning Logic. Many people have been trying to do this (myself included) for a while now, but we all looked over a very simple command in Fastboot, which allows you to boot a modified .img with root intact. Everyone give a [...]

Cas_XP is at it again! This time he’s bringing a true beta version of Cyanogen Mod 7 to the Le Pan TC970. Almost all of the prior bugs (upside down display, no SD mounting or bluetooth, etc…) have been worked out in this release! There a few tiny bugs still left to iron out, but this is almost ready to be labeled a Release Candidate! If you need ANY help [...]

  Have you been waiting to get rid of that ancient Froyo OS and trade up for Gingerbread on your TC970? Well the time has finally arrived to do just that! Thanks to Cas_XP over at XDA you can install a very alpha version of CyanogenMod 7 (better known as CM7) which is based off of the AOSP Gingerbread builds, with some great tweaks! Right now there are many things not [...]

Remember the glory days of Unix? Some people still readily use it. And while Windows XP is a bit outdated itself, it’s pretty awesome that our Le Pan tablets can handle these operating systems and display them in a usable fashion with little lag. Why would you want to do this? No particular reason but to show off your Le Pan tablet to your friends and family and say “hahaha, [...]